A Merging of Physical Texture, Three - Dimensional Composition & Light
Darwin Morales designs beautiful works of fine art into lamps near Miami, Florida. His subjects, often sea creatures or abstract expressions, explore space and composition, light and shadow. He plans compact, sculptural table lamps and centerpiece, sculptural floor lamps. Morales finds inspiration in nature for his wildlife sculpture lamps, that depict sharks, turtles and fish in elegant depictions of sea life with the function of room lighting. Morales' metal sculpture lamp collection explores the urban influences of modern city life with the jarring texture of weathered and treated metals in an industrial, masculine and modern setting with the utility of functional lighting. Morales' identity in comforting, coastal lifestyles can best be seen in his mixed media lamp sculptures designs. He has the spirit of a decorator.
Maria Isabel Lazo transforms Darwin's designs into creative illumination art, combining sea-weathered woods, marble carvings and treated, aged metals to create a sense of coastal living, relaxation or movement. 
"Together" they make imagination a reality.

Sculpture Table Lamp
Mixed media sculpture lamp with hand-carved marble and repurposed antique elements to create an upcycled fine art lamp for the discerning patron. 
Darwin & Maria Isabel's recycled materials and hand carved nature coast figurines within his sculptures.
Metal Sculpture Lamp Collection
Marble and metal lamp sculpture
Sculpture Floor Lamp
"Together in Art" sculpture lamps are available for sale at local Art Festivals throughout Florida.
Custom Commissions are welcomed.
Call (954) 651 5584 for Appointment.

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